Combat Flight Simulator 2


New Weapons Library

  Work in Progress - an additional library of Weapons for use in CFS2 Aircraft Payloads

F4U-1C Corsair

  Demonstration of the use of Addon "weapon" objects to create a Corsair with 4 20mm Cannon

SpitPak addon Library

  addon weapons library tailored to the Spitfire IX by CryingToto.

CFS2 Runway Airport Macros

  Aiport 2.60 Apis to allow the placing of CFS2 Runway Objects. Dirt, Coral and Mat

RAF Gunner

  Extra object for the SpitPak addon Weapons Library. A rearward-facing "Pilot"


  Extra object set for the SpitPak addon weapons library. 4 "Pilots" facing in each direction so can be used as side or rear gunners (requires the spitpak weapons library installed)

CFS2 Object Macros

  A base collection of Macros for using the standard CFS2 objects in Airport 2.60 for creating static scenery

B25H Hardnose Experiment

  Partially finished experiment - adding a Hard nose and 75mm cannon to the stock B25 using a weapons library

Animated Props for AI planes

  Experimental weapons - Animated propellors that can be placed in payloads to give some sort of Prop to those planes that lose them when being flown as AI

Animated Props for AI Helicopters

  The same as the above but scaled up and placed horizontally for use as animated rotors for helicopters. Also includes a tail rotor object