Combat Flight Simulator 2

Extra Weapons Library

Currently under initial development Weapons_plus.bgl is an additional Weapons Library that increases the number of payloads that can be used with Aircraft that support the Payload system in CFS2. Some Weapons are intended for more Modern Aircraft but there few (if any) that yet support CFS2 payloads. This Library will exist alongside the default weapons library and will not affect Payloads using the original objects in any way


Because of the restrictions of the CFS2 payload system new weapons can only do one of the existing actions (drop, drop & explode, drop & torpedo or Rocket). Damage can be set appropriately in the DP for the object but the visual effects when the weapon impacts are restricted to the existing ones.


Open to suggestions for further weapons to include in the Library (but please bear in mind the restrictions listed above! Not everything is possible......yet.)

All these weapons are initial experimental versions. The object DP files have been created quickly and are subject to change as more testing is done or more data obtained. I am not presenting these as Historically accurate weapons. More as an ongoing experiment into what can be done with the Weapons system in CFS2

Latest Additions

  Cannon Barrels

These will require suitable permanent Cannon Gunpositions in the Aircraft DP file and to be included in all payloads for the Plane

F4U-1C Example
  Hs293a Missile

Henschel Hs293A Long range Air-Launched Rocket-Bomb.

Using a visual Model and texture created by Greg Law .

Not possible to correctly emulate the slow flight and 20 km range within CFS2 but it will cause damage like a 500kg bomb
    AirBurst Rocket

Modded rocket that will explode in the air 8 seconds after launch (for use against large bomber formations)

  MultiRocket Pod

Improved visual model created in FSDS to replace the simple Hand-Coded original one

  Multiple Rocket Launchers with 10 or 25 miniature Rockets

New Rockets using the CFS1 Object
  Extra Droppable Ordnance including a 5000lb bomb

New 250kg Bomb using the CFS1 object

Alternative Torpedo
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