Combat Flight Simulator 2

A partially finished experiment in using CFS2 weapons facilities to create modifications to the standard Aircraft.This has been lying around unfinished for a while now

Loosely a B25H solid nose armed with a 75mm Cannon and 2 .50 cal MGs.

4 further .50 cal mounted in fuselage side pods

The shape is much too crude at the moment and not all the gunposition and gun flashes have been placed perfectly. The thing flies like a brick. Just using a standard AI air file modified to flyable.

There are drawbacks to using "weapons" in this way :-

1/ CFS2 gets a bit confused about what is in front of what and you get the Nose gun flashes appearing to be behind or inside the nose when you view from the front

2/ In the same way as raf_pilot you have to put the weapon into every loadout.

3/ Weapons use their own textures so repainting the nose will affect any Aircraft using the weapon (so you can only really have one version installed)

Totally unfinished but if you want to try it