Combat Flight Simulator 2


Addon Weapons library tailored for the beautiful Spitfire IX of the South African Airforce created by CryingToto.

All Custom objects by CryingToto. Modified CFS objects by MW

These weapons are usable on any Aircraft capable of supporting extra weapons.

M10 TripleTube 4.5" Rocket Launcher



US M10 3-Tube mounts for the firing of 4.5" Rockets
Used experimentally on the Spitfire but mainly seen on American Aircraft

"Slipper" Droptank



Streamlined Jettisonable Auxiliary Fuel tank.

Was found in 30 gal, 45 gal, 90 gal and 170 gal versions

Rockets on piggyback mounts


Triplex Rockets

  Triplex Rockets

3 rocket motors combined with a 7.2" Howitzer Shell as a warhead

Plus as many Pilots as you want.........


  Addon Weapons library tailored for the Spit-IX SAAF Spifire by Cryingtoto. Also usable on other Aircraft. Just unzip to the main CFS2 folder


  Updated Airfile and DP file for the original Spit-IX SAAF to demonstrate the new weapons and provide for the Droptank. Just unzip to the Spit-IX SAAF folder in the CFS2 Aircraft folder.

Full Package of Updated Aircraft with many improved features and the Weapons library available on