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Addon Tools for CfsTmap and CfsClass

All these Programs should be installed in your CfsTmap folder for maximum functionality. In this location some or all of them will also appear on the CfsTmap or CfsClass "Tools" menu


Classlist Generator


AFD and Runway Generator


Seed Generator


BGL Linker




Program for generating the "Classlist" files that are required when creating the MeshWithTexList Terrain of CfsTmap and CfsClass.

Also has Experimental "Local" option that may allow you to alter the classlist details for areas inside the default scenery.

Version 1.2 - Adds the option of creating 2-Season and 3-Season classlists for "Seasons in CFS"

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Program to create AFD (CFS Airfield menu entries) files. Can also be used to place a CFS Runway at the chosen spot. If called from CfsTmap/CfsClass (by right-ckicking on a location while holding down CTRL) it will start with the correct location and altitude set

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Program to create an sclink "LinkFile" from a supplied file pattern and create a single BGL file from multiple bgls.

Stupid mistake in Version 1.0. Version 1.1 now available

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Program to create scasm source files for covering a selected area with "Seed" tiles of the selected Altitude, Size and Type. Will also compile to bgl with scasm

Missing code in 1.0 version meant it didn`t work! 1.1 now available

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