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Graphics & Scenery Utilities

DXTBmp -16 bit Editing for CFS2/FS2000

BmpExt - Asymmetric Extended Bitmaps

CfsClass - High speed Classlist EMT

CfsTmap - Elevated Mesh Scenery

Tools to Extend CfsTmap & CfsClass

CFSMap - Create sceneries from textures

Bmp2000 - Extended Format Bitmap Editing

ConvR8 - Texture File Converter

General Graphic Utilities with CFS/FS Application

General Graphics Utilites

Elsewhere on the site there are more generalised Graphics tools that, because they use mwgx.dll, have gained the ability to process FS and CFS related Images. In particular Show , a general purpose Viewing and converting program, can be used to convert virtually any Image to a 256x256 FS format R8 Texture file with good-quality colour remapping. Convert straight from Jpeg to R8 with one click. Convert from R8 to any supported file format.

View Examples (be patient - All Images Full Size)

TView is a general purpose Thumbnail viewing program. Thanks to advances made in mwgfx.dll it now happily displays R8 Texture files. Useful for scanning large collections of textures. It can also print out "Contact Sheets" of whole Folders.

Just make sure to download the Latest version of mwgfx.dll as well as the main DLL package.

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