Screen Grab Utility

Mutigrab is a simple utility to expand the default Windows Screengrab function.

You grab Screens or Windows using the standard PrtScn and Alt-PrntScn keys and MGrab will intercept the saved data as it is sent to the clipboard and put it into your chosen folder as a BMP or JPG file leaving the clipboard free for you to take another screenshot.

- Capture in BMP format for maximum quality

- Capture in JPEG format for minimum filesize

- Set JPEG quality level to use

- View thumbnail of any grabbed image

- View grabs fullscreen

- Take up to 999 screenshots before starting again at 000

- Take multiple screenshots (up to 10 a second)

- Set the time between screenshots when taking multiple shots

- Choose the folder to use to store screenshots

- Choose the base name to use for screenshot files

- Continue at the screenshot number you reached on a previous session or start anew each time.

- Send grabbed images to your selected paint program for editing

- save screenshots out to other locations in any mwgfx format

- Delete single grab files or all at once

- Switch clipboard monitoring on or off at any time.


Download the Latest dll Set (required unless you already have it)