Update to fix MWGFX problem with FSDS2

If you have suddenly found FSDS2 refusing to display DXT textures then download and run the patch below. This will fix it but it will also cutoff FSDS2 from any future updates to the dll functions or supported formats

Flight Simulator Design Studio 2 (FSDS2) from Abacus uses mwgfx.dll for translating DXT textures to a format that can be displayed.

Unfortunately the recent updates to mwgfx.dll have affected the FSDS2 links to the relevant routines. This is a side-effect of the way programs compiled with MS VC++ handle links to non-VC++ DLLs when the dlls have new functions added. .

In order to get the FSDS2 texture functions working again I have put together a patch. Running this patch should locate your installation af FSDS2 from the registry and install a version of mwgfx.dll there that is in the correct layout for the program.

Download patch