Combat Flight Simulator 3



I have posted an experimental Paint-swapper program on the Beta page. To try to get around the problems of having more than one paint scheme for a plane.

Multi Install

On the Beta page there is a tool "MultiCFS3" that will hopefully let you set up a second (or 3rd...) install of CFS3 in such a way as to stop all installations using the same user folders


On the Beta page. A tool for creating the Splash screens for FS2002, FS2004, CFS2 and CFS3


On the Beta page. Aircraft management utility promariliy designed for CFS2 but can be used with CFS3 (apparently)


Graphics utility for the editing and conversion of DDS textures as used by CFS3


General purpose Image viewer/converter. Will read all the CFS3 texture formats


Thumbnail viewer. Useful for browsing folders. Supports all CFS3 texture formats