Beta Programs

The programs available for download on this page are currently under development. They are not guaranteed to work perfectly and may have parts currently disabled.Feel free to download any of them for testing purposes.Use these Programs at your own risk! Beta means that bugs may exist so always back up any files that you use these Programs on

Any Graphics Programs will probably require mwgfx.dll to be installed on your system (and possibly the extra support dlls). These can be obtained from the Graphics page. Please make sure you have the latest version before testing any of these programs.

Any Bug reports should include the Version number of the program and the Version number of mwgfx.dll



Requires DLLs



Registry Manager

  Program to let you view, edit or delete registry entries for mwgfx programs. Useful if invalid values have been stored (paths to folders no longer existing for example) or to completely uninstall a particular program to allow a completely clean new install.

General and Specific Graphics programs



General purpose image browser. Explorer-style with display of details about image size, type and format. Options to open images using the default program, MSPaint, DXTBmp, TgaTool and Show.



Program to let you display and edit the individual mip images contained in a DDS or Extended BMP texture



Extended version of ConvIm for the batch conversion of image files to alpha-aware formats. Primarily to Extended Bitmap and DDS but also to png/tiff/targa. Can be used to batch-convert DDS or Extended Bitmap from one format to another (eg 32 bit to DXT3)

02/09/06 - fixed the flipping of the image data when converting from one DDS format to another

Targa to Extended BMP


Commandline convertor to convert Targa images to most of the Extended BMP formats used by FS2002, FS2004 and CFS2.



Purpose-built tool for the batch conversion of 256x256x24 bit images created by the FS2000 terrain sdk tools into the required DXT1 textures for FS2002. Includes selectable transparent colour, optional replacement colour. Converts using my original DXT1 compression code so avoids the nVidia bug with some DXT1a conversions



Program to convert images to the format and size required for FS2002 splash screens. Also create Jpeg-compressed Splash screens. Expanded to cover CFS2 and CFS3



Tool for assessing the quality/filesize tradeoff in Jpeg images intended for the Web. See the effects and compression of varying quality levels. Save new jpeg at the selected setting


see MGrab page


Tool to allow multiple screen grabs using the default windows "PrintScrn" function. Up to 999 grabs. Bmp or Jpeg format. Send to Editor, View FullScreen, Save in different format.
Grab up to 2 frames a second
4.00.7 updated to remove a couple of bugs
4.00.9 updated to allow the changing of the "grab_" prefix to saved filenames


  Rough and ready tools to convert the DDS files output by the nVidia DXT plugin for Photoshop. GUI and CLI versions to convert these images to CFS2 DXT format without altering the Image data.



Experimental Program to Crop a large BMP into 256x256 sub-bitmaps using a 255x255 step between crops so right and top lines of each bitmap are repeats of the bottom or left line of the appropriate adjacent bitmap.
This is to get around a problem in all versions of FS where the bitmaps used in TexRelief end up losing the last pixel on each row and column and being displayed as 255x255 resulting in mis-matches when textures are created from slicing up Aerial Photos and re-combining them in the TexRelief blocks. Will also allow the normal (non-overlap) cropping using any crop size.

FS and CFS Programs

CFS3 SceneDB

  Program to let users of CFS3 add and remove addon scenery.
Install first and then read the manual

24/02/06 - updated to include a "Problem check" program


  Material editor for FS2002/FS2004/CFS2 MDL files. Lets you edit all the colours and values of the materials including the Specularity value. Very Beta. Always make a backup before editing a MDL.
Works with any MDL that uses materials (including GMAX and FSDS2 models)

23/06/05 - added single (selectable) property to the listing for quick overview


  Material Editor for FSX MDL Files. Lets you edit all the materials properties in FSX format MDLs. Gives acces to all material properties (many of which I don`t know what they do...). For pre-FSX models use MDLMat. Very Beta. Always make a backup before editing a MDL. .



Program to create seasonal versions of FS2004 Phototerrain textures as used in a number of addon sceneries (the default Photoreal areas in FS2004 seem to all have seasonal textures already).

Create full sets of WI and FA textures from existing SU textures.

Note that this just creates the textures. The actual scenery bgls will need modifying or recreating if they are to be season-supporting. For that reason this is intended for Photoreal deveher than end users

FSX Cfg Editor

  Tool to make it easy to locate and edit the main cfg file of FSX. Contents displayed in treeview form. Locate and edit individual settings

FS9 Cfg Editor

  Tool to make it easy to locate and edit the main cfg file of FS9 (FS2004). Contents displayed in treeview form. Locate and edit individual settings


  Tool to set up secondary installs of CFS3 so they don`t interact with the main install (or any other install) by using the same shared configuration folders. Very experimental...



Program to provide easy swapping between a selection of main textures for CFS3 Aircraft.
A workaround for the problems when trying to have multiple repaints of CFS3 planes.


  Tool to let you look inside the "MultiSound" CFS2 GVR files. Play individual sounds. Extract sounds as wav files
4.00.2 - now displays and uses the gvt names for each sound ("bandits_approaching")

4.00.3 - added experimental function to replace individual sounds.


  Aircraft Management utility primarily for CFS2. Allows the easy moving of Aircraft between the main Aircraft folder and "Hangar" storage folders. Helps in the job of keeping the number of installed aircraft below the 90+ "Database Error" Level
4.00.4 - fixed overflow caused by having very large numbers of alternative versions of the same aircraft in the same folder


  Tool to allow the recolouring of untextured parts of existing (FSDS) MDL files. Scans the MDL for all RGB Colour instructions and allows the editing of them so that problems like the wrong colour spinner for a repainted plane can be solved. Note - AF99 MDLs use the older fixed colour instructions which are not supported by MDLColour


  Small Utility to remove all the Rocket, Bomb and Droptank references from the Default CFS1 Aircraft so they can be used in CFS2 without the old objects appearing alongside the new CFS2 Payloads


  Enhanced version of MkAFD with many new features
Create Airfield menu entries, FS runways, CFS runways, CFS2 runways
Add flatten polys to locations (CFS2 and FS2000)



Program to create Seasonal Textures from the CFS default ground textures. Adjustable levels of "Winter" and "Autumn". Will create a full set of 'w' or 'f' textures for use with Seasonal Classlists

Terrain Programs


  Viewing tool for SRTM 3 ArcSecond HGT elevation files


  Tool to convert SRMT dem data to a form that can be loaded into FSTerrain



Program to create FSTerrain projects from DTED Level 0 Dem data

FS Terrain


See FsTrn Page

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