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The place to go for anything to do with Flight Simulators (and not just Microsoft ones). Over 36000 files available for download. Including some of mine .
You need to log on as a member but it is quick and free

It may be second in size to Flightsim but has a very strong CFS section covering all aspects of the Sim in well organised sections. Hundreds of Planes, Missions, Scenery, Utilities and addons for all MS Flight simulators.
Home of Ralf-J Triebel (X_MAT). Builder of gigantic Elevated Mesh sceneries (Jungle Island, Helo School....) and a seriously crazy German (I like him - even without Lederhosen!). Go here for the Eastern Front CFS Expansion Scenery (but wear warm clothing!) and the Airfield Construction Kit (and loads, loads more)

CFS Operations
Site of Bill Potvin. "The man who knows". Want to land on water? Get setclass. Historic missions, Scenery and useful Information. Now with great new panel gauges and........ Weather for CFS!

This is the place to go to get the GTOPO30 DEM Elevation data for use with CfsTmap. If using WinZip to UnTar the downloaded files make sure that "Tar Smart CR/LF Conversion" is switched OFF to avoid corrupting the DEM file when uncompressing. These Files are BIG

DTED Level 0
Source of DTED Level 0 terrain (DEM) data.

FSDTed allows the use of this data with FSTerrain

Home page of Cryingtoto (Marc) - creator of numerous CfsTmap sceneries. French CfsTmap/CfsClass users go here for an in-depth French tutorial on setting up and using CfsClass.

Home of my favourite Spitfire

Mauro Giacomazzi
Mauro`s Home page providing lots of Sceneries, Missions, Campaigns, Aircraft, Textures and much more. Malta, North Africa and loads of Pacific Islands plus Airfield sceneries.

Now with many Fine CFS2 Aircraft

The MWGraphics SiteRing

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Martin Wright

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Sites I have found that give examples of what can be created using mwgfx programs

These sites can come and go so expect a few broken links