MW Graphics Developers Corner

Occasional interest has been shown by programmers in utilising the features available in my various support DLLs in their own programs.

While I intend to keep the distribution of the DLLs themselves restricted to downloading from this site I have no great objections to Freeware programmers including code which calls the DLL functions.

I currently have available a "Developers Pack" for the core mwgfx.dll which can be requested by mailing the email address at the end of the page. These DLLs provide functions for reading and writing most common image formats (and a number of uncommon ones as well) and for performing many functions on images. What makes them a bit different from more "normal" image libraries is the support for many game-related image formats largely unsupported elsewhere.

The packages consist of general documentation in PDF format, support files for various programming languages and example source files that demonstrate how to use the functions from within your programs.

In the Pipeline.....



Documentation and files to allow the access of mwgfx functions from programs. Functions for reading and writing most graphics formats. Functions for simple image processing. Functions to call up Dialogs for Printing, Processing and Displaying images. Examples for Borland C++Builder, VC++, Delphi and Visual Basic.



Documentation and files to allow direct access to the functions in mwdds.dll (currently only accessible 2nd hand through mwgfx.dll functions). mwdds.dll provides functions for reading and writing DDS, Extended Bmp and other DXT formats.



Documentation and files to allow the access of mwace functions from programs. Mwace is a DLL that encapsulates the functions used in TgaTool2 so they can be used by any program for the conversion of Trainsim ACE image files to a more editable format. Examples for Borland C++Builder, VC++, Delphi and Visual Basic.



Other Development tools.....

CFS2 GSL Tools


Tools, instructions and tutorials for creating Global Scenery Layer (GSL) Scenery for Combat Flight Simulator 2.
This type of scenery is the same as the method used for the default airbases and provides buildings and objects that are crashable and destroyable in all flight modes.
Intended for people already experienced in "normal" scenery design for CFS2.




Please include the word Developer in the subject line

to avoid it getting missed or removed by the spam filter!

Any programmer or company who wishes to incorporate MW Graphics functions in a commercial product or who would like to request a custom Image-related DLL should contact me directly at my main address with details .