Seemingly ever since the start of Flight Simulator, certainly since I first got involved with Combat Flight Simulator 1 all those years ago, one name has always stood out as the person to make the simulators do things they were never intended to do.

That name is Bill Potvin II

Over the years Bill has released loads of scenery, missions, tools, modules and information that have enhanced CFS and FS. Many indisputable classics like the cfo_weather modules for CFS1 and CFS2. He has helped other developers (myself for one) with information on the simulators internal workings they could not have got any other way.

Sadly Bill has suffered personal problems that mean the CFSOps site will be disappearing for an unknown length of time. This seemed like a tragedy to me and I asked him if I could mirror the last incarnation of the site here at MW Graphics. Many people are still using CFS1 and CFS2 and they will need many of the tools and modules still. There is also stuff for FS2002 and FS2004 as well as general utilities such as converters, calculators, Airport viewers and the "Sim Favorites" modules.

I`m sure we all wish Bill the best for the future and hope that he will be able to rejoin us at some point.

Click on the link below or on the banners to go to the mirror of the CFS Operations site as it was in August 2004. Note that the way things are this will not be getting any updating.

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