Bmp2000 and 16 bit 444 Bitmaps

When using Bmp2000 to Edit 16 bit 444 FS2000 Images (mainly propellors and clouds) the extra transparency data for each pixel is preserved (since 4.00.15). This may have strange results if you radically alter the image contents while the transparency map remains unchanged

In order for people to be able to directly edit the transparency map I have written a small package of Dos programs that allow you to

Extract the Transparency data as an extended bitmap (256 greyscale) for editing via Bmp2000.

Restore the Transparency data to the original image after editing

Note that the documentation in the package refers mainly to its original use in preserving the Transparency data. Bmp2000 now does that automatically so the main purpose now is the 2nd pair of programs documented at the end of the file.

Restrictions - These programs are only designed to work with 256x256 16 bit 444 Extended Bitmaps (Bitmap file size will be 171k) and have not been extensively tested. Only use on Copies of the Original Bitmap (or back it up first!)

Download Program Package (43k)