Combat Flight Simulator 3

New Scenery for the Swiss Alps

Overall the CFS3 scenery is fairly passable. However there are many areas where it is doesn`t look right.
One of these areas is the Alps. These appear with fields running up the sides of steep mountains.

CFS3 is very limited in what you can do with the default terrain so this new version of the area is the best I could manage. Not perfect by a long way but slightly better than the original. This covers the main Switzerland area of the Alps. All areas that include fields have been remapped to a more suitable landclass. Usually Grass or Forest.


This program lets you switch between the default terrain scenery for
the swiss alps area and the "improved" version.

Unzip to your main CFS3 folder and run from there

------------Special Note------------

CFS3 does not have any Airbases in Switzerland. In order to see the results you will need to install the Interlaken airbase that comes as part of the Just Flight "Extra Airbases" pack for CFS3. You can download this from the Free download page on the main Just Flight site.



And again....