Spitfire MkVB for CFS2

This Aircraft is a CFS2 conversion of the Supermarine Spitfire MkVB flown by the Squadron Leader of 303 (Free Polish) Squadron from 1941-1944. It features a modified Airfile for the more powerful Merlin introduced with the MkVB.
To install just unzip the archive to your CFS2 Aircraft Folder.
As packaged the Panel and sounds are aliased to standard CFS2 options. Instructions are included for bringing over the proper Spitfire Panel and sounds from CFS1.

Aircraft comes with a CFS2 dp file giving several alternative optional payloads.

The Bomb loads are Historically based allowing up to 1000lb of Bombs

Rockets weren`t used on the MkV but they are included as a "fun" option.

Improvements to the Model include visible Gun Barrels, more detailed textures, more carefully placed Gun positions. Not completely finished yet. A Clipped-Wing LF version is in the pipeline.


Download spitvb2.zip

The Initial release had incorrect textures for the Virtual Cockpit

Download Replacements