Spitfire LF.MkIXE for CFS2

This Aircraft is a CFS2 conversion of the CFS1 Supermarine Spitfire MkIX. The Clipped-Wing Low Altitude (LF) version of the Spitfire had enhanced manouverability at lower altitudes making it more than a match for the Fw190 below 15000 ft. The 'E' Armament of 2 20mm Cannon and 2 .50cal Browning MGs (mounted in the inboard Cannon bays) gave a more effective blow than the 2x20mm and 4x.303 of the earlier versions

Model Features Modified Airfile for the improved roll rate of the Clipped Wing.
  Clipped Wings and visible Gun Barrels on Visual model
  Properly located Gun positions
  Full variety of Weapon Payloads with up to 1000lb of Bombs or 8 Rockets
  "Well Worn" Paintjob using DXT-Compressed textures

To install just unzip the archive to your CFS2 Aircraft Folder.
As packaged the Panel and sounds are aliased to standard CFS2 options. Instructions are included for bringing over the proper Spitfire Panel and sounds from CFS1.


Download flixe.zip

The Initial release had incorrect textures for the Virtual Cockpit

Download Replacements