MDL Patch for SpiMk2mp by Alain L`Homme

This Patch is designed for the spimk2mp.mdl of Alain L`Homme. You will need to have this already installed as an Aircraft in CFS2.

It is only designed to work with the original spimk2mp.mdl so do not use on versions that have been patched elsewhere to use BMP textures. The original will have textures spimk2mp.0af, .1af, .2af.............


  Adds 'B' type Cannon Barrels to the visual model
    Replaces the Propellor with a true CFS1 Propellor
    Adds 3 levels of reduced Model to assist Framerates

To Patch the Model


Backup the Original somewhere safe!


Unzip the Archive to the Model folder


Run PatchM.exe by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer


Delete PatchM.exe and PatchMDL.dat